Industrial...the Problem

Automated manufacturing facilities have microprocessor based control systems whether they are PCs or PLCs that dictate timing, position, batch quantity, etc. of your specialized manufacturing processes. Fast rise time transients induced by electrical motors, motor speed control systems, HVAC and other "brute force" loads cause transients to be induced into those power lines which power your
microprocessor based control functions. These transients, if at low levels, may cause a "glitch". At high levels, they tend to capacitive couple past the power supply and destroy the microprocessor function creating catastrophic failure to your manufacturing process.

...The Solution

By utilizing transformer-based power conditioning products/UPS the destructive transients are reduced to a level where they cause neither disruption nor failure to the microprocessor based systems. In addition, because the power line is "clean" data generated by the system and its feedback is more accurate then would otherwise be available. Manufacturing time is at a premium cost and by reducing needless stops your company no longer incurs manufacturing line stoppage costs.