Networking...the Problem

Networking systems continue to be more complex and more concentrated. Failure of the system creates an expensive impact on your company. Voice, data, and video transmissions suffer reliability problems. It
is important to provide effective power treatment on the key portions of your network - the servers, routers, hubs and other centralized items of the system. Plugged into the raw power line, fast rise time transients create disruption, degradation or destruction to the servers and other key elements. Of course, a blackout may very possibly corrupt files and cause other catastrophic events if your server is not powered by a reliable UPS.

...The Solution

The UPS and power conditioned products have built-in effective transient protection, specialized grounding techniques and other functions to provide your network with an ideal electrical environment. These
products will provide optimum uptime for your networking systems. The intelligent UPS products will be a node on your network allowing you to monitor the performance of the UPS and log power line events. In addition, the UPS can broadcast warnings in the event of special conditions that you program. Contact us for the cost effective solution…whether it be centralized or distributed power treatment architecture.