Powervar Single-Phase UPS
Some companies' idea of power conditioning is to sell you a surge protector or a filter. Ours is to find out exactly what you need and provide the right power quality solution. We have specific models for the medical industry, for international use, for network environments, and more, simply because we have never bought into that "one size fits all" mentality. Check out the links below for descriptions and tech data on each and every POWERVAR model. The solution you are looking for is only seconds away.

GTS Series

Design for the POS or Hospitality Industry

POWERVAR has improved its innovative and successful family of power reliability and power protection products with the addition of the Grounding Technology Solutions (GTS) product family– an isolated, true sine-wave UPS system. The GTS Series is designed with a surge diverter, noise filter and low impedance isolation transformer to guarantee fully conditioned isolated power whether operating on utility or on battery. Our Ground Guard technology protects the performance of networked systems without the added expense and hassle of requiring dedicated isolated electrical circuits. The GTS Series prevents the occurrence of “ground loops” and makes dedicated-isolated electrical circuits obsolete.

  Product sizes range from 250 VA to 600 VA
  Built in grounding technology to prevent ground loops
  Low impedance isolation transformer and line interactive operation
  Let through voltage is less than 10 volts normal mode and less than 0.5 volts neutral-to-ground when tested to ANSI/IEEE C62.41
  POWERVAR's five-year warranty (two-year on batteries) on parts and labor provides complete peace of mind

Security Plus Series

For complete power protection

Is the biggest benefit of a POWERVAR Security Plus Series UPS the complete power protection, or the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have complete power protection?

With the Security Plus Series, you get much more protection and a higher comfort level than you get with most other UPS systems.

The Security Plus Series also provides complete power conditioning and, because the Security Plus Series features on-line inverter design, added peace of mind. And regardless of input fluctuations, the Security Plus Series insures that the output remains continuous and regulated.

The Security Plus corrects input power factor to near unity ( .99)—that’s the best in the industry. This correction helps eliminate overheating and allows easier post-market upgrades.

The Security Plus System provides longer battery life.  Batteries are only charged when they need it with the Security Plus System (a built-in sensor tells the unit when charging is needed), batteries are less likely to oxidize, which means longer life.

When your system experiences an overload, the Security Plus System handles it — usually without using the bypass. In extreme cases (e.g., high inrush currents) the system will switch to bypass and then switch back to full UPS operation with no effect on the computer load.


  Wide input voltage and frequency window provided by online inverter
  Impressive 0.9 output power factor
  Low input THDi
  Industry leading overload capabilities
  Diverse input voltage options
  3 year product warranty
  Static bypass - isolation maintained in bypass mode

Security One Medical UPM

POWERVAR Uninterruptible Power Manager: What a difference a letter makes.

If you think a UPS is the ultimate in power protection, we've got some news for you: Our Security One UPM, or Uninterruptible Power Manager, performs functions your old UPS never dreamed of.

  Enables you to select operating voltage
  Automatically adjusts for line voltage changes
  When equipped with its Communications Manager software suite, it can even track you down in the event of a power outage
  Integrated low impedance isolation transformer, noise filter and surge diverter assures power disturbances will be limited to <10 volts normal mode and <.5 volts (one half volt) neutral to ground
  Low distortion sine wave inverter
  User hot-swappable battery
  USB and Serial Communication Interfaces
  Minimum runtime - 6 min full load / 20 min half load
  Five year warranty on electronics and two year warranty on battery
  North American models are listed to the special safety requirements of UL60601 and cUL 22.2 No. 60601 and are suitable for patient vicinity application
  For patient safety, leakage current is less than 300 µA
  International models are listed to the special safety requirements of IEC60601 and CE marked
  FCC Class A (Class B optional)