Store Systems

Retail/Financial...the Problem

AC power line disturbances caused outside the site by lightning and utility load interaction create major transients that cause disruption or destruction to your microprocessor based store system. Within the site, compressor - motors, lighting and other "brute force" loads interact with your sensitive store systems generating disruptive events which will ultimately cause poor service to your customers. Frequent blackouts and brownouts are common in many areas also causing disruption and the dreaded "server crash".

...The Solution

Power conditioners and power conditioned UPS allow the system to have an ideal electrical operating environment by eliminating disturbances and providing clean constant power with backup power when needed. Unattended shutdown is initiated by the UPS to eliminate server file corruption. We can provide you with centralized or distributed power solutions. In addition, we will review with you incoming disturbances carried by telephone and data lines that may cause damage, providing your system with a "ring of protection" against all electrical threats.