Medical...the Problem

Hospitals have perhaps the poorest electrical environment of all types of facilities housing sophisticated electronic equipment.  Due to continued expansions, different subcontractors doing your wiring, and a
variety of sensitive and "brute force" equipment mixed together, the electrical environment for sensitive medical equipment is typically poor. We separate equipment requiring protection into the following

    •     Imaging and Image Storage Protection
    •    Analytical/Laboratory Instrumentation
    •    Patient Contact "Hospital Grade" Application
    •    General Hospital Computer Network/Archiving

     ...The Solution

We employ power conditioning and UPSs that will provide a UL compliant level of isolation between your sensitive equipment and the typical noisy hospital power line. This isolation achieves an ideal electrical operating environment for your system enhancing its reliability and providing you with more accurate, dependable output data. In addition, we are trained to provide your facility with all power treatment product implementation from primary surge protection, Gen Sets, centralized and distributed UPS families to localized power treatment devices. Please contact APSI to help you apply a "ring of protection" around your system.